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About Jessie


I have extensive professional and personal life experience to bring to my clients. After completing my undergraduate education in Marketing Communications at Bryant University and graduate studies in Professional and Technical Writing, I embarked on a 20 year career in corporate communications.


After two decades in the corporate world, I opened my own marketing practice supporting individuals developing their businesses. It was at this point that I realized coaching was my preferred career path. I worked with many clients including artists, writers, small business owners, and educators, but it was my work with a company on aging that solidified my path in coaching. I saw a great need to provide support and guidance for the unique challenges, changes, and opportunities that exist for individuals ages 50 and older.


I received my coaching training and certification at the Life Purpose Institute, an organization accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


I also am a Deacon and active member of the Caring Connections Fellowship group, where I find great joy and purpose in supporting people in their faith journey. I support people in times of trials. Having been both the giver and the recipient of supportive services, I know the value they bring. I carry that same mindset with my coaching clients. I am there to support and guide in whatever way is needed.


My life has taken many unexpected twists and turns making me very empathic to the challenges people face. In fact, it is because of my life experiences that I am more emphatic to my client’s needs… I coach in the places I have been. 



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